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You feel unfulfilled in life or at work, or you want more fulfilling relationships, maybe you’re looking for guidance and tools, or just someone to listen to you.
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Couple Therapy


Every relationship has its ups and downs. Yet, sometimes it may be difficult to remember why you are together, or even doubt that you want to stay together. I help couples better communicate with each other, resolve conflict, and reconnect.



Being a woman can be hard enough. Add balancing work, family, care-taking for an ailing parent, and being you may feel impossible. I support women in feeling more grounded, less stressed out, and more present in their lives and their relationships.


Older Adults

You’ve lived your life, raised a family. Still, unresolved emotional issues linger. Mental health challenges can occur at any age, and maintaining good mental health and well-being is critical. It’s never too late to reach out for help. I help older adults put a lifetime of experiences in perspective.


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