Affair Recovery Counseling

You just found out your partner cheated on you.
The news is world shattering
You wonder if your relationship was all a lie.
You feel your world turned upside down.
You feel rage, jealousy, sadness.
You ask yourself what went wrong & why.

If this is you,

Therapy can help with…

Getting the feelings out in the open.
Getting the answers to your questions.
Making room for conversation with your partner.
Clearing your head to make a decision that’s right for you.
Figuring out a way forward.
Start picking up the pieces and rebuilding your lives, either together as a couple, or separately.

Not all relationships can be saved after an affair.  
The couples that want to try to create a loving, mutually fulfilling relationship after an affair must be willing to work on the relationship

Are you ready to start healing?