Couple Therapy

Do you feel you’ve grown apart from your partner?

Do you struggle with trusting your partner’s fidelity?

Do you experience problems with communicating about stressful topics?

Do you or your partner lack effective skills to resolve conflict?

The things couples fight about don’t change that much.  The same fights happen over and over again because the underlying issues are never resolved.  Getting help in couples counseling can give both partners the skills and support they need to feel seenheard, and understood.

I offer my clients in couples therapy room for both partners to express your relationship needs, worries, and conflicts in a safe, supportive environment.  In couples counseling we’ll work on restoring communication, trust, connection, and intimacy.  We’ll come up with long-lasting strategies to help your relationship thrive. 

If you’re ready to work on your relationship, contact me to schedule an appointment.